Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice Road Shoes


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The Sidi Wire Carbon is the flagship model of the line road Sidi.
The sole Vent Carbon is the best on the market, best power transfer, snorkel with internal channeling, record weight.
The best shoes to use the road, used by professionals.

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Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice Road Shoes

soft and anatomical strap positioned on the instep, coupled with a soft thermoformed for improved comfort. Distributes pressure evenly over the instep, is adjusted on both sides to have a perfectly centered position. It adapts to different conformations of the instep. The system eliminates the need to use a spacer. Soft Instep 3 is replaceable.

The TECNO-3 PUSH mechanism allows closing the shoe throughout its length, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot and thus obtaining a custom fit.
The reliable locking systems SIDI, completely replaceable, have been improved thanks to a new type of cable, which allows quick adjustment with ease.
Like most of the mechanisms used by Sidi, the TECNO-3 PUSH lever is robust and replaceable. You can also adjust in the race by means of an innovative pressing the button which raises the lever, so as to facilitate the adjustment.

Improved and lightened.
The heel adjustment device reinforces the top and improves fit by closing the back of the shoe more securely tightening the heel so that no bare during the efforts of pedaling.
It can be adjusted with two small screws that work independently of each other. For a custom adjustment turn the screw towards the + sign to tighten the device and towards the - sign to open.

The heel is reinforced to prevent deformed by prolonged pressure.

The Sidi cycling shoes are heel feature replaceable polyurethane heel

microfiber paint

For 2013, Sidi has further reduced the weight of the Vent Carbon Sole, that now uses an ultra lightweight heel toe heel on an integrated air intake and replaceable. The key advantages of the Vent Carbon sole are not only a greater transfer of power, thanks to its lightness and stiffness, but also a greater comfort in case of high temperatures. The sole Vent Carbon is drawn with an integrated air intake and air channels for ventilation and dispersion of heat. The air intake leads to two longitudinal channels, created in the carbon sole, which lead the air through the perforations which are located on the plantar zone (SIDI insoles Comfort-Fit are provided with perforations so as not to prevent the passage of 'air). The vent can be opened or closed, for optimal comfort in every season. The sole Vent Carbon is made by hand, only with carbon fiber woven weave, which maximizes stiffness allowing a minimal controlled toe flexion. This bending carefully studied, biomechanically relieves stress in the plantar tendon and helps improve circulation. On the sole Vent Carbon it is printed a scale of alignment of the cleat, which allows the regulation of 10 mm forward and back and the ability to store the position of the cleat Look, facilitating the replacement. The sole Vent Carbon is designed with a replaceable heel and toe polyurethane. In triathlon, the air intake also works as a water drainage, which significantly improves the comfort of the foot following the passage in the water.

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