Reduced price! Effektor Biking Powershirt® Shirt Short Sleeves Full Zip Men

Effektor Biking Powershirt® Shirt Short Sleeves Full Zip Women


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+ 10% of the performance Duration

-7% Of lactate Formation

-50% Heat Training

+ 20% faster Regeneration

-2.4 Beats per minute

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BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF PHYSICS KNOWN YET? THE ROAD IS FREE. Effektor ™ Biking Powershirt®. With the Effektor ™ Biking Powershirt® will be a breeze for you ahead of the competition. The Effektor ™ technology, in fact, increase your efficiency and allows you to more quickly achieve a higher level of performance. You are pedaling in time, by sprinting, tackling steep climbs or you're training for a classic one-day race, with the Effektor ™ Biking Powershirt® gain in terms of strength and physical condition. Its secret is the exclusive X-BIONIC® Partial Kompression, which exercises targeted compression on the muscles at the hands of special channels 1 mm thick, reduces muscle vibration, improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and accelerates regeneration . 3D-BionicSphere® system on chest and back ensures continuous air circulation, by evaporating the sweat that can then perform its refreshing. This will save precious energy, which the body needs in the race. Even in the most challenging bicycle races Effektor ™ prevents premature exhaustion.

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