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High-tech clothing for increased performance never before achieved

+ 10% duration of the performance

-7% Of lactate Formation

-50% Heat Training

+ 20% faster Regeneration

-2.4% Beats per minute

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BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF PHYSICS KNOWN YET? THE ROAD IS FREE. Effektor ™ Power Biking Bib Tight - Sprint explosive and quick climbs are the trump cards of the cyclists. With Effektor ™ Power Biking Bib Tight along to you what it takes to get on track. The Effektor ™ Power Biking Bib Tight combine a perfect fit and an effective climate control body for better performance. However, their constructive superiority goes much further. The Effektor ™ line offers greater prestativo potential thanks to the unique X-BIONIC® Partial Kompression, which applies pulses targeted on large muscular surfaces, enabling the Neuro-Response effect. In this way it puts the neuronal receptors in a sort of early warning. The muscle is immediately ready to shoot when activated by an impulse from the brain. The muscle contraction, and consequently the transmission of force to the pedals, then becomes more rapid, more coordinated and more accurate than ever. Games already in the lead from the technological point of view, with Effektor ™ Power Biking Bib Tight.

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