Reduced price! TWYCE Biking Shirt Shirt Short Sleeves Full Zip

TWYCE Biking Shirt Shirt Short Sleeves Full Zip


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Dual climate control, more performance.

3D Bionic Sphere system size of 200% and an optimized anatomical shape.

More power thanks to technology.

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BOOSTS YOUR POTENTIAL UP TO 200 %: X-BIONIC TWYCE. Natural evolution progresses in small steps, but bike wear evolution advances in great leaps forward thanks to X-BIONIC®. What the human body cannot naturally achieve, these Swiss engineers enable the body to accomplish through a winning combination of innovative spirit and technological perfection. The result is called X-BIONIC® TWYCE. The new X-BIONIC® TWYCE Bike Shirt contains 200 % more evaporative surface. This provides 200 % more cooling of the athlete’s body for the greatest possible boost to performance. The winner of numerous awards, the patented 3D Bionic Sphere® System from X-BIONIC® is bigger and offers more performance than ever before. It’s augmented by a complex system of technologies to regulate temperature and optimally transport moisture. You think you’ve reached the limits of your capabilities? Think TWYCE!

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